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One of the most incredible things about great music is that it has the ability to take the listener to a place they’d rather be.  A compelling song can carry someone back in time to a treasured memory, or transport a person to a spectacular western prairie they’ve only visited in their dreams. Ned LeDoux’s music has that kind of power. As a songwriter, he has a knack for bringing people, places and emotions vibrantly to life with his insightful lyrics, and warm, strong voice that makes him sound like a beloved friend you always want to hang out with. Those gifts are fully on display on LeDoux’s new album Buckskin.    

“I’m writing my own story and if people take a liking to it, that’s wonderful,” says LeDoux. “As long as I’m writing from the heart, and writing about what I know, I can definitely listen back to it and be proud.”

On his third full-length album, LeDoux again delivers songs that transcend mere entertainment to celebrate a life that many aspire to, but few actually live. Like his father, LeDoux’s music is as expansive as the western sky he was raised under and celebrates the ranch lifestyle that is such an integral part of his heritage. There’s an authenticity to his songs that brings our nation’s beloved western culture to life, even for listener’s who’ve never ventured onto the Great Plains.

“I’m proud to carry on the tradition and a lot of songs that I write are going to relate with songs that my dad wrote and recorded because I lived the same life,” the young singer/songwriter says. “I was born and raised on a ranch, which my family still owns outside of Kaycee, Wyoming. That was my life and it’s reflected in the songs I write. I just think back to those days working on a ranch and hanging out with my granddad, who taught me how to drive a tractor, work cows and everything that is associated with ranching, but music has always been my dream.”

LeDoux began pursuing that dream at an early age, and even though he grew up in the shadow of his legendary father, he’s successfully carved his own path. “If I can be half the man he was I think I’ll be okay,” he says with an easygoing grin, “but when it comes to songwriting I’ve got to write my own story. I’ve played drums for years and got my first band when I was in junior high. I went on to play drums with my dad from 1998 until he passed away in 2005, and then I started doing solo gigs.”

LeDoux made his recording debut with the 2016 EP Forever a Cowboy and followed up with his first full-length project, Sagebrush, in 2017 and Next In Line 2019. All three projects, as well as his new effort, Buckskin, were produced by singer/songwriter/guitarist Mac McAnally, who has won the CMA Musician of the Year Award an unprecedented 10 times. “He’s my songwriting mentor and his guidance in the studio is wonderful,” LeDoux says. “He’s a great guy to be around. Nobody phrases things like he does.  I don’t know if there’s something in that Muscle Shoals water or what, but he’s a very inspiring character. He gave me great songwriting advice. He said, ‘Just write about what you know. Write the truth because it comes out a lot easier and people are going to believe you.’”

LeDoux is well respected for his high-energy live shows that mix his western roots with the rock and roll influences he acquired in his youth. He routinely headlines his own shows as well as earning coveted opening slots for Toby Keith, Aaron Watson and Garth Brooks. “We opened for Garth at the 125th anniversary for Cheyenne frontier Days last July which was crazy,” he says. “When people are coming out to our shows and spending their hard-earned money on a ticket, I don’t want to leave them disappointed. We’re going to give you a show and leave you wanting more. I’m always out of breath and soaking wet when we’re done, but it’s so much fun!”  

Ned LeDoux is carrying on the family tradition, but he’s also charting his own course, and Buckskin is the latest step on that journey. “I hope I inspire people to never forget where you came from,” he says. “That’s one thing I’m very proud of. I’m carrying on a tradition, but I’m writing my own story. I’m very proud of my family and friends and there’s one piece of advice my mom gave me when we were kids: ‘Never forget where you came from and show respect to people no matter where you are.’ So with this album I hope to inspire and show people, ‘Hey this old cowboy isn’t changing for nobody.’ I want people to know they should never give up on a dream. There’s always time. Just keep on going.”

Pecos & The Rooftops have been perfecting a signature heavy blend of lowdown country and classic
rock since their inception in a big five-bedroom house in Lubbock, Texas. Formed in 2019 by a tight-knit
squad of college friends, the band outfits their soulful Americana with muscular guitar grit, yet remains
tuneful and melodic. They’ve carved out a singular niche for themselves in the rich songwriting tradition of
their home state, as evidenced by their debut Warner Records single “5AM.” Anchored by the
heart-baring songwriting and booming voice of former Marine Pecos Hurley, the band is rounded out by
top-tier players and songwriters Brandon Jones (rhythm guitar), Zack Foster (lead guitar), Kalen Davis
(bass), Garrett Peltier (drums) and Hunter Cassell (guitars & keys).
Big things have small beginnings. Pecos & The Rooftops chose their name—a nod to the part of the
house they’d hang out, drink beers, and jam on—just before self-releasing their debut single, 2019’s
slow-burning “This Damn Song.” It was a runaway success, earning an RIAA Platinum certification
and going on to rack up more than 250 million streams globally. Deciding to ride the wave for as long as
they could, the band hit the road directly after and haven’t stopped since, touring relentlessly on the club
circuit and opening for the likes of rising country star Zach Bryan. They released the Red Eye EP in 2020,
expanding on their already solid sound with more guitar heroics and more complex arrangements, hinting
at jazz and psychedelic influences.
Hurley has a gift for exploring the shadowy sides of life through his songwriting, offering a clear-eyed and
unflinching look at heartbreak, disconnection, self-medication, and wrestling with dark times. On “5AM,”
he’s stuck in a self-destructive pattern, trying to live up to the idea of being the man he wants to be, but
thwarted on all sides by his own bad decisions. “Wish I could say that I saw it coming—problem is I never
do,” Hurley sings over a gloomy guitar line. “It’s too late to let myself feel something, so I’ll just keep
running from you.”
“It’s about having a habit of going to the bar and getting drunk and staying up all night,” Hurley says from
his home outside Dallas. “You kind of know that when you go to bed it’s probably not going to end
well—because you fucked up again and you can’t get out of the cycle. It’s about being by yourself in the
early hours of the morning. It’s just one of those ‘You fucked up’ songs.”
Pecos & The Rooftops have earned a devoted fan base who’ve come out to support them both online
and on the road, with the band garnering over 350 million global streams and more than 101 million
video views. They’re currently on a nationwide headline tour with more dates to be announced soon.
“5AM” is a telling preview of what’s to come, as Pecos & The Rooftops ready their major label debut
LP—a bigger, bolder collection of songs set for release later this year. “At the end of the day, I just want to
help people with our music, honestly,” Hurley says. Between the band’s wild road shows and their
highly-anticipated upcoming full-length, Pecos & the Rooftopsare set to do that and much, much more.

Tory Rae

Authenticity in Country Rock comes naturally when you were raised in the red dirt and born with the finesse of a cowgirl. With a voice that has the grit and soul of Carrie Underwood and the richness of Stevie Nicks comes Tory Rae, a singer-songwriter hailing from the plains of Western Oklahoma. Tory knew she loved to sing and perform from an early age, but an apprehensiveness kept her from embracing the values ingrained in her. She will tell you herself how denying your heart leads to the lowest of lows, but it was a rock bottom she needed to hit to fully trust her God-given calling that transformed her dream into her purpose. After spending two years earning experience all over Oklahoma and Texas playing small venues, festivals, and even the Woodward Elks Rodeo, Tory enters 2024 with an abundance of singles set for release. She hopes her story and her songs will inspire others to follow their dreams, regardless of what anyone thinks.

“If you really believe in who you are and who you’re meant to be, you can do anything.” -Tory Rae

Tyler Wilhelm Band


Born in Elk City, Ok, Tyler Wilhelm is a singer-songwriter with a unique and gritty style of Oklahoma red dirt and rock-n-roll in his bag. Tyler's meaningful lyrics paired with the band's dynamic sound are on par to drive his listener's heartbeat into a musical utopia. Under the influence of the prolific Cross Canadian Ragweed sound, Tyler started his career in music with his first gig at just 19 years of age. Growing up in a musical family and playing on stage in their local church with his brother and father, both of whom make up part of the Tyler Wilhelm Band, along with longtime friend, Austin Rios, Tyler has always been passionate about God, music and family.

Tyler released his debut album, "Better Life," in the fall of 2019 and has just recently released his much-anticipated follow-up album, "Hope," in late July of 2022. Music is an outlet for the Tyler to entertain folks with fun-loving songs and hopefully impact the listener through relatable, real-life content. For the band, music is life, and they love to share it with their fans.

Tyler has played numerous staple venues across Oklahoma and Texas. The band has shared the stage with many great artists, including Koe Wetzel, Read Southall, Shane Smith, Jack Ingram, Bart Crow, No Justice, Mo Bandy, Cooter Graw, Ward Davis, Love & Theft, and others. The Tyler Wilhelm Band is sure to make waves on the music scene somewhere near you. Keep your eyes and ears open. Don't miss an opportunity to experience the Tyler Wilhelm Band full tilt!

Tyler Wilhelm - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Lane Wilhelm - Bass / Harmony Vocal
Austin Rios - Drums
Jason Wilhelm - Lead Guitar

Bryan Cunningham Band


*Life has its share of rough waters so grab a paddle*


The Bryan Cunningham Band was formed when a close friend of Bryan’s who had a DJ business was approached by someone needing a band for a benefit for a child who was injured in an ATV accident. Bryan didn’t have a band at that time but knew enough guys that played in different groups and churches that he was able to assemble a group to do the show. The coordinator of the benefit asked Bryan what the name of the band would be so she could include it on the flyer… there was no name for the band yet, the players had yet to even play a song together, not to mention that the show was just a little over a month away! With really no time to come up with a well thought out name for the group, it was decided for at least temporary that it would be named The Bryan Cunningham Band. 

Since that show over a year ago, The Bryan Cunningham Band has been busy playing many shows in bars, clubs, and private parties, and has recorded and released a single called “Little Heartbreaker” on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube music, and many more platforms. We are excited to be releasing a music video for our single “Little Heartbreaker” soon. We are looking at branching out into new areas such as Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa this next year. 

We are continuing in the recording studio so stay tuned to new releases. 


The Band sounds like country boys who used to sneak around behind their parents backs to listen to heavy rock, pop, reggae and blues music. Southern Rockin Country is a great description for this group. Some of the most influential artists for this group are Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Dwight Yokem, Lynard Skynard, Eagles, Motley Crue, Guns & Roses, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bad Company, ZZ Top, the Beatles, and Bob Marley. 


Some of the achievements for Bryan is to have played guitar and sing back up vocals for Daron Norwood, Justin Kemp Band, and Arbuckle Express Band in which he has gotten to open up for artists such as Reckless Kelly, Randy Rogers Band, Joe Nichols, Wade Bowen, Mike McClure, Bleu Edmondson, Chance Anderson Band. Bryan recorded guitar tracks on Justin Kemp Band’s first record “My Two Cents” on the songs Still Breathing, Don’t let me Go, Hobbs America, and So called Love. Bryan is musician/guitarist/singer/songwriter/ BMI recording artist originally from Hobbs, New Mexico. 


Chris Wood is a guitarist/bassist/songwriter/BMI recording artist originally from Keyes, OK and now resides in Buffalo, OK who plays bass and rhythm guitar in the band. Bryan and Chris met at Scissortails who both were attending a solo performance by Yanuel Charriez. Then both Bryan and Chris got to know each other better at a Panhandle Dirt recording session in which Chris asked Bryan if he would be willing to give some guitar lessons to him. The first lesson it was apparent to Bryan that Chris was actually very good so it turned out more like a jam session. A short time after that, a gig at a local establishment called and the band didn’t have a bass player so Bryan asked Chris if he had ever played bass before, Chris replied no never, so Bryan showed Chris a few things on a bass guitar and Chris has filled the position ever since and playing like he’s been playing it all his life. 


I mentioned Yanuel Charriez, he is a very gifted guitarist/musician/vocalist who plays lead guitar and sings back up vocals in the band as well as he plays for Panhandle Dirt Band. He is originally from Puerto Rico so he brings such a diverse style to the group. 


Last but not least on the drums is Woodward’s very own Lee Cudd Swearingim who has played with countless artists from country to the rock world. Lee also is a very accomplished bass player and a songwriter/ASCAP recording artist. 


Together we are the Bryan Cunningham Band and we are looking forward to seeing you at one or more of our shows! 

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