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General photography guidelines

  • Only PRCA member photographers are granted a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and distribute images taken during PRCA-sanctioned events. No other photographer is allowed to shoot a PRCA-sanctioned event without written approval from the PRCA or the rodeo committee.

  • Only PRCA-member photographers are permitted to shoot from inside the arena and behind the chutes during PRCA events. An exception may be made for in-arena awards or presentations, if applicable and coordinated with the PRCA Photographer and the rodeo committee before the rodeo performance.

  • Freelance and media photographers must shoot from designated areas and may not shoot behind the bucking chutes (on the chute platform). Proper western attire (long sleeve shirt with collar) is recommended. Cowboy hat is not required, but ball caps are not permitted.

  • Freelance and media photographers will not be approved to photograph a PRCA-sanctioned event without proof of assignment for a specific media outlet and without signing an agreement to limit usage of the images to the specified assignment.

  • News media are encouraged to obtain photographs/images from PRCA Photographers where available.

  • All photographers who are not PRCA members must sign the PRCA license form agreeing that photographs may not be used, sold or reused in any other manner including, but not limited to, broadcast or streaming in any format (to include any websites) or for any other purpose without the prior written consent of the PRCA. Freelance and media photographers must not interfere with contestants or judges during the performance. The PRCA license agreement for media and freelance photographers is available through the rodeo committee or by calling PRCA Media at  719.593.8840.

  • Any secondary, non-editorial or commercial use of any picture/image, film or drawing of a PRCA-sanctioned event or competitor is prohibited without prior written consent of the PRCA and the contestant.

  • Commercial photography is prohibited unless prior written approval and the proper

  • clearances have been obtained from the PRCA, rodeo committee, and contestant before the first rodeo performance.

  • Photographers who do not comply fully with the above regulations may, without warning, have

  • their credentials withdrawn for the remainder of the rodeo and may be banned by the PRCA from photographing future events.

Social Media Policy

Media Guidelines For Rodeo Coverage

NOTE: The following guidelines govern media covering PRCA events, as well as those co-sponsored and approved by the association. All media must review these guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may, at the discretion of the PRCA and/or the respective rodeo committee, result in forfeiture of media credentials and an immediate escort from the premises, as well as refusal of accreditation for future events. Unless specified otherwise, journalists and media are general terms for print, electronic, television, Internet and photo journalists.

General media guidelines and regulations

Credentials are distributed on an as-available basis to journalists of recognized news outlets who are on assignment to cover the event and/or the PRCA. Journalists must represent recognized daily or weekly newspapers; news services; recognized publications and outlets that regularly cover rodeo; recognized national/regional radio and television networks; local radio and television stations; and/or recognized Internet sites. In each case, this determination is at the sole discretion of the PRCA and the respective rodeo.

Accreditation badge must be worn at all times. Freelance journalists and photographers must provide proof of assignment to be considered for accreditation. Freelance photographers must sign a form agreeing that the images they take will only be used for that specific publication and for that specific story – they cannot be sold over the Internet or used in any other way.

Credential applications and approved credentials to cover individual PRCA rodeos are available through each individual rodeo. Media credentials should be requested well in advance of the rodeo.

Security checkpoints and procedures have been implemented in the interest of safety for everyone. Accredited media are expected to cooperate with the procedures and requirements implemented for access to the media, photographer and broadcast areas. Media access will vary by rodeo, and the media rules of the respective rodeo must be followed.

Contestants may be available for interviews after they compete.

Many of the individuals staffing media areas are volunteers, and accredited media and broadcasters are expected to treat them with courtesy and respect.

Where provided (the Wrangler NFR, the ProRodeo Tour and ProRodeo Tour Finale, RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, and other major rodeos), the media workroom and other media areas are the workplace for accredited media. To ensure a positive working environment for all, please avoid making excessive noise in working areas; do not leave belongings in the common work area overnight; and dispose of unwanted papers, etc., to assist in keeping the area neat. A media workroom is not a gathering place for staff and volunteers.

The media rooms at the PRCA’s premier events are nonsmoking areas.

Due to the limited number of general-use phones (if provided), accredited media should be aware of the needs of other journalists and limit phone usage to story filing and business-related calls. Phones that have been ordered by individual media outlets are for the exclusive use of representatives from those media outlets.

Each individual is responsible for his/her personal property. The PRCA and/or the local rodeo committee are not responsible for thefts or damage to personal items.

Media access to contestant dressing and warm-up areas is regulated by the respective rodeo.

Television, radio and Internet

The PRCA owns the rights to originate live, play-by-play coverage from the rodeo grounds, and in many instances, these rights may have been awarded to a broadcast or cable network and/or an Internet provider. Subject to limitations, local radio, television stations, networks and Internet providers who were not specifically granted those rights are nonetheless encouraged to cover PRCA events with the following limitations.

The PRCA retains all rights to the filming, taping, recording in any media now or hereafter known, still footage/photography, radio or television broadcasting or reproduction in any manner or form thereof of any PRCA-sanctioned event. The only exception is coverage for local, regularly scheduled newscasts. Any non-local news outlets must first get approval from the national PRCA office and the local rodeo before they can shoot footage at any PRCA-sanctioned rodeo.

Some rodeo rounds are televised, and for those sessions, access may be limited.

Any TV/radio broadcaster who does not comply with the above regulations will, without warning, have his/her accreditation withdrawn for the remainder of the rodeo and may be banned by the PRCA from covering future events.

For local, regional and national TV news coverage, video of PRCA rodeos shall not exceed three minutes in length in the daily aggregate and must be part of a regularly scheduled newscast. Only prerecorded footage may be included in these reports. The outlet may not purport to show live play-by-play coverage from a rodeo unless approved in advance by the local rodeo and the PRCA.

Local credentialed TV outlets may broadcast live from the rodeo grounds, as long as the broadcast does not include footage from inside the arena (which is covered above).

The use of tripods is limited, based on available space.

Television cameras are not allowed on the arena floor, with the exception of the TV network covering the event.

The PRCA owns the rights to all recorded coverage of its rodeos, whether it airs on a national, regional and/or local network. Such television outlets will provide the PRCA with copies of their coverage upon request.

Radio and Internet (audio or video) coverage may not purport to be live play-by-play from the rodeo unless this capacity has been approved and arranged in advance with the local committee and the PRCA.

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